VideoBuffet 1.1 is released…

…in the Mac App Store. This release includes a number of new features, including setting of Finder Labels, preserve aspect ratio option, an improved random algorithm, and more. There are also big performance improvements for finding movies, and a bunch of bug fixes.

We’re very excited about this release, and recommend the update for all users.

Check out the app page, the full release notes, or buy it now.

VideoBuffet 1.0.2 released on the Mac App Store

This is a minor update, basically bug fixes. However, we did take the opportunity to convert it to Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). It really was as easy as it looked in the ARC WWDC session.

I highly recommend watching that video if you’re considering moving to ARC, as well as reading the Transitioning to ARC Release Notes, and the llvm ARC page. Bookmark that last page, because though it might be rough reading all the way through, it’s a very handy reference.

I had planned on posting some tips and tricks regarding converting to ARC, but truthfully, I don’t have any. It was simple, and pretty much just worked.