I’m Zacharias Pasternack, and I was born to be a software developer.

I started programming on a Commodore VIC-20 when I was 11 years old. From there, I moved to a Commodore 64, then an Amiga, and finally to IBM PCs and Macs. I programmed for fun, every day, and until my early 20’s (halfway through college) it didn’t occur to me that I could make a living doing it.

I was a Mac programmer before it was cool, back in the System 7 days. But in the late ’90’s, I jumped ship, and became a Windows programmer. I spent nearly 15 years creating software for Windows and Linux. We’re talking C/C++, MFC, STL/boost, and COM/ATL. In addition to programming, I did the management thing, managing a team of up to 14 engineers, developing an enterprise-class client/server and GUI application suite consisting of 2+ million lines of code. Project management: did that. Software life-cycle: know it.

In 2009, disenchanted with managing Windows programmers, I came back to the Mac. I founded Fat Apps, and have been developing Mac and iOS applications ever since.

I’m passionate about creating great software. Though much of my background is C++ and Windows, I currently dream in Cocoa and Objective-C, and I’m utterly obsessed with creating the best software I can.

Check out my profiles on stackoverflow, and Careers 2.0.

You can follow me on Twitter, and alpha.app.net.

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